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Harvesting Our First Honey of 2014

After a long wait we have finally harvested our first honey of the year! While we usually wait to harvest all of the honey in the spinnerhives at once, this time we went through our hives and pulled out just the first fruits of ripened honey. With just about 150 lbs. of honey harvested we are currently offering only 2 lb. jars for sale from this first harvest.

There are still a couple hundred pounds of honey on the hives which we are planning on harvesting next week. With the next harvest we will be offering 2 l.b. jars of chunk honey (chunks of honeycomb in a jar of liquid honey) for $15 ea, and a limited amount of gallon jugs (12 lbs.) of raw honey for $45 ea.

All of this honey is raw and local to St. Petersburg, Fl. It is from the Spring nectar flow which contains the greatest variety of pollen and nectar which makes it the best honey of the year for combating allergies. If interested, please see our products page for ordering instructions.