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Preparing for Pepper Flow

What a busy year this has been for us and our bees. Our business has been growing as well as our family. We have our 6th child due in December and are beginning to build an addition on our home. The extra money from our honey sales are going to good use between medical costs for the baby and house addition. With Hurricane Hermine bearing down on us I’m forced to take a break from working and update our blog. We have been selling a lot of honey and with the St. Pete Indie market this week we will nearly be sold out of our stock. But that’s ok. It’s the 1st day of September and Brazilian Pepper is getting ready to bloom. I think beekeepers are the only people in Florida who get excited about seeing Brazilian Pepper trees lining railroad tracks and alleyways. Taking over abandoned lots and smothering out every other shrub. They are a nasty invasive plant species but bees love them and every Fall they bring in the best nectar flow of the year for our bees. As soon as I see bright yellow wax being drawn out in our colonies I know it’s on! Time to start stacking honey supers on the colonies.

The Brazilian Pepper bloom goes from September through October here and seems to be bee5the nectar flow we can always count on. By late October the nectar has ripened into honey and is ready for harvest. Brazilian pepper honey reminds me of Fall (my favorite time of year). It is light with a yellow tint and taste sweet with a complex flavor of spices on the aftertaste. Here in St. Pete there are also a lot of other nectar sources blooming the same time as pepper so we get a really good mix which dilutes the spiciness of straight Brazilian Pepper honey and in my opinion makes the most perfect honey. I absolutely love our Fall honey! I had some today from last Fall and it got me really excited. I can close my eyes and experience the smells and tastes of harvesting pepper honey late into the cool Fall nights. It’s coming!

Every honey super (box that holds honey combs) that we own is on our colonies in anticipation of the nectar flow and more have been ordered and will be delivered this weekend. It has been a good year for Harris Honey. We had such a great Fall harvest last year along with a decent Spring harvest that we have had honey all year so far. We have had great opportunities open for us to share our honey and beekeeping knowledge with our community that we love. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to continue providing the best local raw honey in St. Pete.