We keep bees in back yards and business properties exclusively in St. Pete, Fl and strive to produce the most local honey available to our community that we love so much. St. Pete is a wonderful place to keep bees. With all of our beautiful tropical landscaping alongside the native plants, our bees have access to a very diverse source of nectars that make for a truly unique honey like you will find nowhere else. Our honey is raw and never micro filtered so you get all the local pollens to help your body build up a resistance against seasonal allergies.

HONEY UPDATE – October 29, 2017

It’s been a really rough year for our bees between the Spring drought and hurricane Irma. We have finally begun harvesting our Fall honey which isn’t as much as we hoped for but it is something.

Upcoming Markets: 

Nov. 18-19 – ET CULTURA FESTIVAL MAKERS VILLAGE.  On Balm Ave, between 11th Street and 10th Street, St. Pete.

Dec. 2 – St. Pete Indie Market. On Balm Ave, in front of Green Bench Brewing Co.


8 oz. Classic Muth Jar – $8IMG_0428

1 lb. Classic Muth Jar – $15

1 lb. Classic Muth Jar Chunk Honey  – $20


As a cottage food operation we are only able to sell our products directly to our customers in person. To find out where our next market is at give us a call 727-698-1130.