We specialize in raw honey local to St. Pete, Florida. St. Pete is an amazing place to keep chunkbees because not only do we have flowering plants that are native to Florida, we also have an abundance of tropical landscaping with flowering plants from around the world. While beekeepers outside of the city are feeding their bees because nothing is blooming most of the year, the bees in St. Pete seem to always be bringing in nectar from a wide variety of sources. For this reason Harris Honey has an unique array of delicious flavors. It’s like eating honey from all around the world at one time. It is also great for treating a wide variety of pollen allergies. We only sell honey that we produce so that we know exactly what is going into our hives and ultimately our honey. We don’t buy honey to sell when we are short like many other beekeepers do. When we are sold out, we are sold out until our next harvest comes in. We are doing our best to keep up with the growing demand. Finding land to keep bees in the city is our biggest challenge. We are always on the lookout for new yards to keep bees so that we can produce more of the delicious honey that St. Pete offers.

HONEY UPDATE – July 15, 2017

We have St. Pete local raw honey! After a terrible drought this Spring the Summer rains have come and our bees are finally making honey. We harvested the first of the ripened honey and there is much more to come! Call us if you want to get some of these first fruits of the 2017 season. We just have 1 and 2 lb. jars available as we are still waiting on the comb honey to be ripened and capped. We also have a very limited amount of the Florida Tupelo honey still available. 727-698-1130

8 oz. Tupelo Honey – $12

1 lb. Tupelo Honey – $24

1 lb. jar – $10

1 lb. Chunk Honey  – $14 – SOLD OUT

2 lb. jar – $18

2 lb. Chunk Honey – $24 – SOLD OUT

Cut Comb Honey – $15 – SOLD OUT

Beeswax (1 oz. bar) – $2

As a cottage food operation we are only able to sell our products directly to our customers in person. For sales and pick-up contact Rebekah – 727-698-1130